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Contributors of Website

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Sr. No.NameContributed Entrance Paper (Year)
1SALMANMore than 20+ Entrance Paper
2HAYA B.Voc in Electrophysiology (2018)
3MARIAM.Tech Earthquake Engineering (2018)
4SABAMEd  (2018)
5SIMMI M.Tech Control System (2016, 17)
6SAUDB.Sc in Aeronautics (2018)
7NOORB.Ed in BioScience (2018)
8SHAZIAB.A (Hons) Sociology/Psychology/Political Science/Geography/General (2016) & D.El.Ed (2016)
9AHMEDB.A (Hons) in Sociology/Psychology/Political Science/Geography/General (2018), Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management (2018), BSc in Geography (2018) & MBA Executive (2018)

10REHANB.A.LL.B (2018)
11AUSAFB.Com (2018), B.A Economics (2018), BBA (2018) & Diploma in Tourism and Travel Management.
12IMRANDiploma in Engineering (2013) & B.E Computer Engineering (2015,17)
13SHAQUIBMBA Full Time (2018) & MCA (2018)
14SHAIZA M.Sc in Physics (2017)
15MANISHAM.A in Human Resource Management (2018)
16NABEELM.A in Human Resource Management (2017)
17HASANDiploma in Engineering (2018)
18KASHAFB.E – Electronics Engineering (2012, 13, 14, 16 & 17)
19NOORAINB.E – Electrical Engineering (2015, 17)
20EHSAANBEd  in Urdu (2017)

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